Why I Travel

It wasn't until I graduated high school that I ever thought about travel as anything more than going to Florida, or as a vacation. Travel wasn't anything that meant anything more than that, and I never really thought it would. I guess all that changed the second that right after I graduated I went on a cruise that stopped in Mexico, Belize, and Honduras. Through just these short stops on the cruise I was able to get a quick look at another culture and area of the world that I never before thought that I would have the chance to see. I guess that is when the travel bug bit me, even having been on a cruise around the Caribbean when I was 12.

After senior year, and after that cruise, I remember every now and then looking at prices for flights to other destinations, even just places that I could drive too in the United State and Canada. I remember just thinking about how much money everything would cost, and thats all that really got stuck in my head. I only thought about how much everything could cost upfront, but not the long term benefits that I would personally have. I never thought about the experiences that I would have, the people I would meet, or the places I would actually be able to see. To me this is something that effects everyone that ever thinks about traveling abroad, we think about the cost, instead of how it could effect us.

It wasn't until I was leaving a job that, as much as I loved what I did, wasn't for me and transitioning back into an old company that I worked for that I saw an ad for EF College Break, and saw that I could in fact afford to travel. That was the first real time I booked a trip, and it only took me a week to decide what trip I wanted to go on. Before I would even get to go on my trip with EF, I was able to travel to Paris with family, and that was when I really figured out just how much I love travel.

So I travel because of the experiences. I travel because of the people I can meet along the way, and the cultures I am able to learn about and see. Travel is one thing that I will never be scared to spend money on, because in the end its worth every penny, and it makes you appreciate everything that you have just a little bit more, all while making you want to leave it all behind for good to travel even more. I travel because life is short, and there is so much more than my own backyard.

     For those people who don't already know, this is not the only place that I post travel blogs. I am also the one behind the curtain for The Wanderluster's Journal. A travel blog that began a year or two before I even thought about running my own personal blog on travel, so you can always find a lot more travel related blogs there, some of which cover the same topics as what you will find here, but they may be a little longer, although that isn't always the case.

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