Learning to snowboard, January 2015, at about 205 pounds.

Learning to snowboard, January 2015, at about 205 pounds.

My Transphormation

In order to finally hold myself accountable, as well as help prove to others that yes you can do this too, I have decided too make my fitness journal into a full blown page. One that anyone can follow, one that anyone can comment on, and one that anyone can use to inspire their own transformation.

These days, anytime you see an ad for a fitness company it seems like they found the perfect model of a person to market them. Sadly, chances are that these products didn't even help that person acheive their goals. Even sadder, is that most of them never had to lose weight like normal people would have too, not that they haven’t lost weight, but most of the models you see stayed in a gym grind from when they started to their current physicque. Most haven’t felt what its like to be 30+ pounds overweight, and to feel like your average person trying to lose weight, and find products that work in a market flooded with bullshit and lies. These are the people I am documenting my Transphormation for.

I am average. I work 40-60 hours per week, and like so many people, I put on weight from the junk and fast food that I was eating, all because it saved me two minutes throughout my day, or I was to lazy to cook a meal for dinner because I was tired after work. I made all of these excuses for why the fuck I couldn’t eat better, workout, run, everything. Life was becoming more about the excuses, and being lazy, than it was about being happy, healthy, and loving every second of it. I took a look at the photo below (on right) and that all changed. When the photo was taken, I was enjoying an amazing vacation to Thailand, and this one photo has stuck with me ever since, its the photo that sent me over the edge in my head, and was the fucking wake up call that I needed to make a change, even if that change has taken almost a year to finally get going.

This is me, at 230 pounds in December 2017.

This is me, at 230 pounds in December 2017.

So why do I tell you all this? Because, like me, you might have these excuses for why you don’t have enough time, why you don’t have the ability, or even why someone or something might be holding you back. As I document my own 8 week Transphormation, I hope that I can help inspire you to stop making excuses just like I did, and start taking action. At some point, we all have that moment where we realize that something needs to change, and 99% of the time, we are what needs to change. We are all both our biggest supporters, our biggest doubters, and our biggest critics. Sure, life might get in the way, but there are ways to beat life down, and make sure that life stays out of the way of your goals. So follow my Transphormation here, and be sure to follow me on instagram for more as well.

Starting Measurements (As of 10/24/2018)

Weight: 225 pounds Bicep: 16” Forearm: 12.5” Chest: 45” Waist: 44.5” Thigh: 23.5” Calf: 16.5” Neck: 18”

Current MeasurementS (N/A)

Update Coming Soon…

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