Why To Choose Squarespace over Wordpress For Your Blog

     One of the biggest barriers I always ran into when starting my blog was that every blog I ran into ran on Wordpress. Every. Other. Blog. Now, for those that don't know, Wordpress is the go-to for almost every blogger that I know, as well as many other websites. In fact, many of the websites you visit are probably a Wordpress site, and you didn't even know it, just like you might not have known that this was a website built on Squarespace. In fact, I currently operate four websites on Squarespace, and have used Wordpress in the past to run my travel blog The Wanderluster's Journal. The simple truth is that I was not a fan of using Wordpress. In this post, I wanted to talk about why I think more bloggers should start choosing Squarespace over Wordpress, and I want to use my own experiences to tell you why.

1. Ease of Use

     Now, I know what you must be thinking "Joe if everyone else uses Wordpress how hard can it be?". Well, let me answer that for you. Wordpress is harder to use than Squarespace. There, I said it. Now, I know that is just my opinion, but I stand by it. As someone who isn't a programmer, and wanted to find something that worked right out of the gate, Squarespace is the way to go. While in my experience the customizability right in the platform itself can be more limited than Wordpress, it offers more than enough FREE (yes, you might have to pay $50+ for a layout you like with Wordpress, or much more for a custom one) layouts to satisfy even the most complicated of minds, and there really is something for everyone. For those wondering, this website runs on the Burke layout template. Now, if you are looking for the most customizable web platform there is, then yes Wordpress might be for you, but there are also ways to customize Squarespace that I have not tried, and do not plan on trying, but if you are interested in that you can hire a professional, and checkout their forums to find out how to do more with your website.

2. Customer Support

     Recently I have begun trying to address and issue that I am having with this site and my logo. Its a minor problem, but fixing it was something I had been putting off. Finally I decided to try and reach out to the Squarespace support team to find out if they had any solutions I had not thought of, and of course I was able to use the email option, along with a chat option to talk to customer support. While the problem is not currently fixed (while I decide which path to take), their customer support team was more than helpful, and even sends you videos of them on your website to show you how to address the problem.

3. Pricing

     If you are a student looking to put their school portfolio on a website, you are in luck because there are student discounts (last I checked), and if you are someone just looking to blog, share experiences, and write for others to see, the price is right. There are a few different options available based on what you are publishing, or how much you want to publish, along with if you are going to be selling anything on the website through the built in e-commerce abilities that the websites all come with (a major plus, since they are very very easy to setup). Its nice being able to pay for the features that you want and need, and be able to change them at any time.

4. Drag and Drop

     Like I said before, I wanted something that was ready to go right from the start, and with drag and drop web page builders, it is almost that easy. You can select from a wide range of modules to add to your page or blog, and then you just put it in place. From moving an image to the side with text wrapping, to a video, or an item from your store. If you can dream it you can pretty much do it, and you can do it fast. How great is that? There is very little skill needed to make a website that is both appealing and easy to navigate. All you need is a little imagination. The major upside of this is the ability to get going sooner, instead of having to focus on the design of you website, or how to format pages to be how you want them. Within 48 hours you could easily have a simple site built. and be writing your first blog (maybe about how easy the website was to setup?). Saving time, and not needing to have tons of skills for editing, are important to me, since this isn't my only job, finding time to make major design changes doesn't have to be a huge ordeal knowing that all it takes is a few clicks and I am done.

     So now that you know my reason for using Squarespace, its time for you to give it a shot. With 30 day trials free what have you got to lose. After all, if you hate it you can always give Wordpress a shot and see how you like that as well, or try both at the same time and then decide. While one of these web hosting companies might be right for me, I can't speak for you, so I do encourage everyone to try both before making a decision. The downside is that to be able to give Wordpress a fair shake, you may need to spend some money on a design, that way you have a layout completed and don't have to build it 100% on your own. I hope this helps you in your decision on where to go when looking to start your website, and leave a comment below so I can checkout your new websites.