Why I Started Making Videos

     I guess you could call this the second part of a unknown part series. The "Why I Started" Series. I've found that this is a good way for me to reflect on the past, and think about my future goals, so why not make those thoughts public.

    This is my blog on why I started making videos. Honestly it almost happened at the same time that I began blogging with Ferryn and making The Wanderluster's Journal a reality. Even thinking back, I had the idea to make a video from when I booked my trip to Costa Rica. While trying to decide where to go, I spent time like most millennials on YouTube trying to decide where I would want to go. This led to stumbling upon video after video of Costa Rica, Paris, Greece, Thailand, Australia, and every destination across the world you could think of. I remember sitting there and thinking "why couldn't I do that". In reality there was nothing holding me back, except my editing skills. Now I like to think that I have come a long way from my first video (attached right). I remember making that video and having no idea how to edit anything. I didn't know the rules for using music, and honestly at the time didn't care. All I wanted to do was prove to myself that I could make a video if I wanted to, and in the end, I ended up with a product that at the time I was proud of because I proved to myself that yes I could do what I wanted to accomplish, no matter how good it was.

     After this video I really didn't make a ton of videos until I traveled more a few years later. My next two attempts at making videos were when I traveled to Greece and Thailand in fall and early winter of 2017. I guess the major difference that happened for me when thinking about these videos is that I went into them with a basic idea of what I wanted to accomplish. I had this basic outline in my head, I had ideas for music that I wanted to use, and I had a goal. I had a better computer, better editing software, and better plans than I had ever had before. In the end, I ended up with two videos that I am immensely proud of as someone with zero formal training, who also forgets that sometimes you should ask others for advice and seek some formal training or at least try to learn in a way other than by doing. But thats how I work, and I have attached the two videos below.

     So really thinking back, the reason that I even started making videos, was just to prove to myself that I could do it. What I found along the way though was that it was an awesome way to be creative and explore my creative side, that I cant always express, or don't know how to express. Now as I begin to try and create more, and not just travel videos but also vlog style videos, reviews, and possibly more, I am learning how to push myself. Honestly, I just released a blog about how sometimes you need to just do it, and take that leap, and that advice and while blog actually came from me trying to use a drone to capture video for a video I wanted to make. I thought the whole day about how I just had to get the footage, I had goals in mind, and the only thing that was going to hold me back was myself and my thoughts of "oh people will see me flying a drone and think its weird". Honestly that was it, and instead I pushed through that, and was able to continue forward on my mission and towards my goal of creating a unique video of my experience. (I have attached the drone video below, as the full video is not currently complete)

     By the time you read this blog, I will be in Ko Samui Thailand trying to work on another travel video, along with a few other videos I would like to make that will push myself, my skills, and my goal of overcoming the thoughts that hold me back from doing it more often anyways. So, in the coming weeks keep an eye out for a few more videos that may be coming out from my adventure, and see if you like them. You can find me on YouTube at www.youtube.com/joehallgren so like, comment, and subscribe to see more. Thank you for reading.