My Top 5 Bucket List Items

     While I have been writing about just doing stuff, and getting past fears and doubts, I figured it would be time to cover my Top 5 Bucket List Items. While some of these items are more location specific, some are more generic and I could do them locally, even though I haven't... yet. So without further interruption, here are my Top 5 Bucket List Items.

1. Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

     Okay, so this one is kind of location specific, I want to do this off the South African coast, and I want it to be scary. Sounds weird right? I just feel like if it isn't scary to be diving with sharks, even in a cage, then did you really do it? Honestly though, if I cage dive next to a great white and its just the calmest shark ever, did I really even do it? No. So I want there to be a few bumps into the cage that scare the crap outta me. Okay, not literally since that would suck in a wet suit, but you get the point. So maybe its time to start planning a trip to South Africa?

2. Worlds Tallest Bungee Jump

     So, I have been bungee jumping before, and it was a great experience. I did it in Costa Rica at a place that said it was Central Americas tallest bungee jump location, and it was out of a cable car! I had a blast, and now I want to go and do the worlds tallest bungee jump. Wherever that may be at the time it happens, I want to do it. [As of writing, the tallest commercial jump point is in South Africa and is 216 meters. I guess I do need a trip to South Africa?]

3. Skydive

     Now, I know what you're thinking. "Joe, you just posted about how you should do things, after all what is holding you back. You used skydiving as an example, why haven't you gone yet?!" Well, don't be too mad, but I was going to go, and a few years ago my Dad and I were about to book when we found out the local place had a fatal accident. So that was out of the question (after all they were shut down for the investigation). Since then I have tried to go, a group of us tried to go in Thailand, but we weren't able to get a jump time that worked with the schedule for our already busy trip. So, while this isn't location specific, I would love to have my first jump be in Dubai, or somewhere else with an amazing view, maybe somewhere tropical.

4. Yacht Week in Croatia

     Well, you might be thinking "why is this on here, all the others are much more adventurous?" Well you are right reader. The others are much more adventurous, but this ones comes from the heart that wants to travel. Probably because I was going to go to yacht week this year, but due to work I cancelled my trip, so this will probably be the one crossed off this list before all of the others. After watching videos and seeing photos of yacht week from friends who went this year, you bet that I am going to try my hardest to go next year.

5. See the Northern Lights in Iceland

     This is another one that has a high probability of being crossed off sooner rather than later. Probably because my Dad and I keep talking about going next march and exploring the beautiful country that is Iceland, but also because we both would love to see the northern lights. What would be a better way to see them then while driving around the ring road of Iceland in a camper van and making an awesome vacation out of it? Nothing really, so it needs to happen soon.

     So those are my top five bucket list items currently, the real question is how many of these items can I cross off in the next year. Realistically I can already see three as a huge possibility, but that might change. I am really hoping to cross of two, but maybe I will get a third if I decide to be a little less location specific on my goal. I want to know what some of your bucket list items are, or if you have already completed some of mine. So comment below and let me know what yours are.