AirPods Review: 6+ Months In


     One of the purchases that I never thought I would make is an expensive set o bluetooth headphones. At $150, the AirPods were something that I purchased thinking I was going to return right away. Obviously, the title of this blog gives away that that isn't the case. So after over six months of owning the AirPods, its finally time to give my verdict and opinion on these overall awesome headphones.


     This is probably one of the things most people are curious about, especially with a $150 price tag. Just how durable are the AirPods. While I wouldn't recommend it, I have accidentally washed mine two times, and they have been tossed around like you wouldn't believe. Honestly, the scratches on the case would make some purists cringe at the sight of them. The inside of the case is filthy from being in my pockets while traveling and at work. So needless to say, they have been bumped, battered, bruised, and drowned more than they ever should have, and they still work flawlessly.

Battery Life:

     At the beginning, before the first wash, the battery life on these was insane. I could use them more than I expected and I would usually charge them once every other day. Were they dead or dying at that point? No they weren't, but thats really the farthest I would go without charging them. It was just a personal preference. Now, after washing them, there have obviously been some battery issues, but I can still get over a full days use with them before there are any issues, so for me, thats awesome. I do plan on replacing these at some point with a new pair for this reason, but for now they are still passing the usage test.

Sound Quality:

     I am nowhere close to a sound quality expert, but they sound amazing, and everything seems to be pretty in sync with both my phone and my laptop. I do often wear them when editing videos on my MacBook Pro, so any lag would be pretty noticeable when watching videos that are synced to music without the headphones, and I have not noticed anything yet.


Do They Stay In My Ears?

     Yes. Yes they absolutely do and its amazing. This was actually the deciding factor when I bought them on if I was going to return them. I actually bought the AirPods, walked out to the truck, put them in, and shook my head as hard as possible. My goal was literally to shake them out of my ears and return them. No matter how hard I shook my head, they stayed put. So I synced them to my phone and drove off.


Final Thoughts:

     Are the AirPods worth it? In my opinion yes they are. These are great headphones, that are super easy to travel with, and they not only have a great battery life, but can be charged in the case, offering an even better battery life. They are pretty inconspicuous while walking around, and its nice being able to use one, or both when needed. It makes wearing one as an earpiece at work just as easy as wearing both if you want. For the price tag, you really cant beat these headphones. (see what I did there)