GoPro Hero 5 Black Vlogging Setup

     If you're like me, when you travel you don't want to just do the touristy things that are safe on land. You might also be looking for the more exciting things that a destination has to offer. From snorkeling, to bungee jumping, and even whitewater rafting, if you want to capture these amazing experiences you are going to need a camera that can take the beating that some of these activities can cause.

      Now everyone knows just how well the GoPro cameras are at holding up to the elements. They are used to film everything you can think of, and have even been found underwater two years after someone lost the camera, only to find out the data was safe. Aside from their durability, the GoPro series of cameras offers a vast array of mounts, grips, and other ways to ensure that you get everything you are looking to capture. From grips, to tripod mounts, floating mounts, and even dome mounts for those amazing underwater/above water shots at the same time. These are a versatile camera that offers up to 4K shooting for video, in a small package.

     That is why I wanted to talk about using the GoPro Hero 5 Black camera (this should also work with the Hero 6) as a vlogging camera. Especially for traveling, this is probably a camera that cant be beat for its versatility, especially for the money. So, the items that you will need to allow yourself to use the Hero 5 Black as a vlogging camera are; the Hero 5 Black, a housing for the camera that offers a cold shoe mount, a grip/tripod to hold, the external mic adapter, and an external mic. Now, lets break down the parts one by one.

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 Rode VideoMic Mini

     The other main component of this is the microphone. Now, don't skimp and buy the cheapest one, because sound quality is way more important than you would think in a video. The Rode VideoMic Mini offers great sound, needs no batteries, and is smaller in size which is great for someone vlogging while traveling.


Housing with Cold Shoe Mount

     This is the piece that really ties everything together. Without the housing to hold the microphone above the GoPro, and to mount the flex mount or other grip to, you wouldn't be able to vlog really. There are many options on the market, but this is the one I use.

GoPro Hero 5 Black

     Obviously this is the most important part of this vlogging setup, but the camera is a versatile work horse in my experience. This waterproof and rugged camera can film up to 4K, and will allow you to use it almost anywhere. What other vlogging setup can have the mic taken off and be used in the water to capture amazing shots? None.


GoPole Flex Mount

     This is my favorite way to grip my GoPro while using it for vlogging. This flexible tripod mount allows you to put the camera up and way with a bend in the tripod, making your arm holding it not so visible, but keeping you perfectly in the shot. It is also from a great company that makes tons of other awesome mounts for all GoPros.


     Now the only other piece of gear that you are going to need is the GoPro external microphone adapter. Unfortunately, GoPro charges $50 or so for this piece of gear, but it is a necessary evil that you are going to need. As others have found, most generic adapters do not work with the Hero 5 Black, so you are really stuck paying that price.

     For additional purchases, I would recommend your choice of MicroSD card, just be sure that it is compatible with the GoPro Hero 5 Black. I would also recommend picking up an extra battery or two (tip: buy the Hero 5 Black dual battery charger and a spare battery so you will have three total!)

     The best part of this is that the total cost, excluding SD card and spare batteries is only $373. That is a small investment in comparison to even the Canon T6i Creator Bundle, that is over $600. GoPro's are easy to learn, offer a wide variety of uses, and are compact enough to even fit in a pocket while traveling. Keeping you vlogging longer, and having more fun.