Why I Started Blogging

     It is funny looking back at the last four years. The countless websites built, destroyed, re-made in the late night hours, the people I've met, the places I have gone and the experiences I have had. The whole idea of blogging came from the desire to be found, to become famous, and be able to travel the world, due to the things I would write. Did that happen, no it didn't, but thanks to it, a lot of things have happened.

Ferryn and I in Costa Rica

Ferryn and I in Costa Rica

     The entire idea of starting a blog began as a joke really. About how we could become famous writing about traveling, even though we didn't travel a ton. It was at that moment, and for a few weeks brainstorming that Ferryn Lynne and I began what would become The Wanderluster's Journal. A collaboration of sorts that would allow us to post our travels, experiences, thoughts, and reviews related to travel with the hopes of it helping others travel the world, but also with the grandiose idea that we would become famous easily by doing it. I think the big thing that we both underestimated was the time it would take, the amount of thinking constantly for new ideas, and the stress that comes with trying to run a blog that you really do want to be successful with. Over the course of The Wanderlusters Journal we traveled to Italy, Costa Rica, and France in the first full year. Along with time spent in New England, Texas, and Utah. All of these experiences were published on that website so that others could read them, and see how much there is to see out there that you cant see at home.

     The second year was built on just trying to find things to publish. Whether it was month long breaks from even writing, to just being to busy with life to put in the time. It was around this time in 2015 that I ended up getting a full time job that would end up using a lot of my spare time, and I didn't really do alot of writing again until I began my personal website (this one) where I could really just write about anything and everything in July of 2016 that I ended my six month hiatus from blogging and tried to be more consistent. I was pretty successful with that until about December of 2016 when I published my final thoughts before a two week trip around Europe. After that I wasn't really writing on my personal website, but switched back to The Wanderluster;s Journal where I published a blog on almost every location I traveled to on that trip, and then continued with some more blogs before I got to my time in Greece in September of 2017. 


     At the same time though I was preparing for that trip and began writing more blogs here that I then published before my time in Greece, and a fourth that wasn't even published or finished until  this year actually. So blogging for me has been both an outlet, a way to share, and a way to allow others to explore my life, the experiences I have had, and the experiences that I hope others can have. Sharing the story with words was just one way that I utilized my want to share, because during all of this I was also trying my hand at making travel videos, and while Costa Rica was not the best at all, I began really trying to make a good video when I produced my video for Greece, and then Thailand. Luckily I was with two groups that seemed to go all in on the video idea, and helped make some amazing content that was a hit on Youtube

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     Looking back, I have been blessed with some amazing experiences over the last four years, and I cannot wait to see what is next. Whether it be another blog, another country, more videos, or more reviews of technology and gear that I think will help make your travels better, safer, and more enjoyable. I couldn't have asked for better people to meet along the way, and I'm ready to meet some more people on this amazing journey.