Life is a Book, Write Your Story

    I made a YouTube video about how my channel was all about my life. It was essentially going to be my book, in video form. I guess that is something that also stands to be true for this blog as well. Being my personal blog, I write about almost anything, with a few topics set aside for different websites and blogs that I write on, but other than that anything is really on the table to be written about.

     In a world where image is everything, and social media allows you to glorify even the worst of days with a filter, a caption, and a smile, people are trying to live up to standards that are increasing so fast that they are impossible to live up too. In a world so consumed by social media, following trends, doing stupid dance challenges, and fitting in its time to take back your life. Live your life how you want, enjoy your life, after all you only get one life to live, so why not make the most of it?

     I have been writing a lot recently about my mindset. From reaching and setting goals, to if college is needed, to why I started a blog and vlog. In all honesty, I have found it as a great way to reflect on finding myself, and finding ways to express my creative abilities, writing abilities, and explore new paths that I otherwise would never have been able to do. I must say, I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities and events throughout my life, and I am thankful for every one of them. While my story might not be perfect, it sure is going to keep the eventual reading wondering whats coming next, because if there is one thing that I have learned, its that you cannot plan for everything, nor should you. Eventually you will realize that sometimes the greatest things in life come from just winging it for a day or two, or a week or month.

     Call this one of the next blogs in my mindset, but life really is a book. No ones book is exactly alike. While my book, and my brothers book will have a similar start, there are more differences that I can express in those same years, and more as we would enter the college chapters of our lives. While I explored my different options for schools and tried to find my path, my brothers settled right into their college careers with little to no change for the most part then what they expected their path through school to be. At the same time, they are in school, and I am across the globe exploring Costa Rica, Greece, Thailand, or other European countries. I found an interest in writing and making videos while they found interests in other activities.


      So while we all have a similar beginning, everyones book, everyones story, and everyones life will take different twists and turns throughout their life. The problem today is that instead of sharing these twists and turns, we glorify the good, and hide all of the bad. Now, I am not saying that you need to go share that you got in trouble or something bad happened. Instead I want to see people stop holding themselves to the standards that other people portray as their lives on social media and when you talk to them. Share the good, accept the bad, spread positivity, and help others. Write a story that you can be proud of, but make sure that story is your own. Sometimes we need help to take that first step, and that first step will always be the hardest one to take when it comes to reaching a goal, no matter how big that goal is. I talked about it before, but we need to put aside the thoughts of what others are going to think, and we need to make sure that we are living our lives how we want to live them. Get out there. write your story, and share it with the world. This life is yours, and the book is one that only you can write. Be the greatest author you can be.