Drone Life: Cape Cod - First Edition

I had hoped to have alot more photos to throw into this series by now, and possibly onto other locations around Cape Cod, but due to scheduling at work, and alot of overtime this past summer, I wasn't able to get out and about with the drone, like ever.

So now I guess is the best time to start off this little series for the blog. Drone Life is what I am going to call it, each edition will be photos from the days adventure, and will usually take place in one location purely due to the non-existent battery life of todays drones, 20 minutes max per battery on my drone, and I currently have three batteries, they take two hours to charge, and cost more than $100 normally. Feel free to send me some if you would like.

Im starting this series off where I grew up, well sorta. Its at my grandparents house on Cape Cod, above the (near) the beach, and was supposed to be during the sunset, but time constraints thanks to batteries and from showing off for family and friends led to dead batteries before the sunset began, sad.

Photos were taken between 290ft and 400ft (max legal limit in the United States)