EFCB: My Review

It has now been a year and a half since I first traveled with EF College Break, and about 2.25 years since I booked my trip with them. I booked my trip in March 2014 and would be traveling to Costa Rica in December of 2014. I was leaving one job, and returning to an old job, and I wanted to be able to see the world. Being twenty, just having my birthday, and not having a lot of extra money laying around, I could never have traveled to Costa Rica, if it hadn't been for a Facebook ad for EF College Break. And too be completely honest, I booked a trip faster than I think I realized what I was doing, and it took me about a week from seeing the ad to booking. I hadn't even mentioned that I was thinking about doing so until I booked, when I walked downstairs and told my mom I would be traveling to Costa Rica at the end of the year, she didn't believe me.

So after waiting for the months and days and payments to pass I finally paid off my trip and was on my way to Costa Rica, with no one I had ever met before. The only thing I knew about people was whatever we had talked about online after meeting on the Facebook group that was made for my trip (EF makes the group and invites everyone traveling to join about 100 days before the trip leaves, its an awesome way to get to know people!). I had been waiting for this moment since I had booked in March, each month watching their automatic payment plan take my money to fund my adventure that I was looking forward too, counting down the days (using the timer on the my account page of their website). I was so excited for this adventure, and it would be an experience I would never forget, but that is for another post.

This post is going to focus on EF College Break. Not only from my trip to Costa Rica, but also my upcoming trips, and changing trips. After traveling to Costa Rica, which was all planned out awesome, our tour guide was the best (Go Johnathan!) and our bus driver was awesome the entire time. From great places to stay, awesome recommendations, a few extra excursions that required some fine print, and the best group I have travelled with, I knew I would be recommending EFCB to everyone I knew. And I do. Which is also why I booked a second trip to Thailand with EFCB, that was supposed to be in August 2016. Unfortunately for me, I accepted a new job, and knew that leaving for a little over a week in the middle of our busiest season my first year wouldnt be the best move for me. Luckily for me, the staff (shoutout to Claire) at EFCB are super easy to work with, and I was able to switch trips, although many travel insurance didnt transfer over, but thats ok. I was able to switch trips to their New Years European Roadtrip leaving in December of 2016. the switch was easy, and my payments went down due to the new depatrue date, so if something comes up and you can't afford your trip and still want to travel, maybe switching to a later date is a good option? 

I've had such good experiences with EF that I have already booked my third trip for 2017 going to a few more European countries. I highly recommend EFCB to everyone I know, and if you're too old for the College Break trips, their other group tours company (Go Ahead Tours) also offers many of the same trips, and more, for all ages! From friendly staff, to great prices, and easily the best travel experience ever, seriously they do EVERYTHING for you, there is no better way to travel and I see myself traveling much more with them.