DirtVentures: Side by Sides in NH

So, this is just a quick review of our time spent up in Lisbon NH with DirtVentures, we were supposed to go on their snowmobile trips over the winter but due to a lack of an important ingredient, aka snow, we weren't able too. So we found ourselves with DirtVentures on a beautiful sunny day in NH. The weather was just right, and the trails were nice and dusty.

I'll start off by saying this was our first time doing this in New Hampshire, although we had ridden off road buggy things in Cozumel, and ATV's somewhere else down there (my brother and father) but none of us had ridden Razr's down a rail trail before, and it was a first for us all. The trails were awesome, although sadly there are speed limits so we couldn't do the typical thing we would do and fly down the trail til my father was out of sight laughing as he left us in the dust, but either way the 25mph speed limit, that we never ever would have exceeded, was an enjoyable pace to be able to take in the views that we encountered, including the dust from whomever was in front of us.

Our guide was awesome. He was always looking out ahead for the locals, who come in fast, and would let us know of any hazards up ahead. He kept up with whatever pace that we set for him to go and was always looking back to make sure that no one was left behind. He also allowed us to take a break on a wooden bridge crossing over a river with a great view, where we saw a family floating down the river enjoying the sunshine on their tubes.

It was an awesome way to spend the day out in the sun getting covered in dust (no rain lately) while being able to enjoy the rail trail. Sadly we didn't spot any wildlife, although the guide did say that there had been sightings earlier in the day of a few deer. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun way to spend the day (and its relatively inexpensive in my opinion for what it is). Im sure even the young kids who aren't able to drive their own will enjoy being in the passenger seat flying down the trail.