Bungee Jumping: Costa Rica

If you read about my trip with EF College Break to Costa Rica, you read that we went bungee jumping, although not endorsed by EFCB, while at the location to zip-line on our tour. It was my first time, as well as many other people in my groups first time, bungee jumping. Which isn't something I thought I would be doing abroad for the first time for some reason in my head. 

Overall this had to be one of the best things I have done to get out of my comfort zone and experience something that I never would have before. Plus it was only $60, and I could never do it for that price here in the United States, so there goes my money, I'm jumping from a cable car.

The bungee jumping would be done from, essentially, a cable car over a ravine, above some trees. What could be better than that. Well, myself and Steve were the last two in the group, being the heaviest we went last because they had to change the cable to support our weights. Which was both reassuring and makes you nervous at the same time since I would be the first person to, um test?, the rope that would be halting my fall back to earth and flinging me back skyward a few times. The other part that really got me, was that you're essentially being strapped in with a very large, strong, strip of velcro. But when in Rome, you have to jump. So off the cable car I went. I do highly recommend it to anyone that would like to do it, and there is a video below of my jump.