The Final Countdown: The Thoughts In The Final Days Before Your Trip

This post is going to be a little different then the last month and a half where I have realistically been mostly reviewing a lot of the GoPro products that I have purchased leading up to my next trip while updating a lot of the hardware I use. Needless to say it has been an expensive few months. So before I leave on my trip, I thought it would be a fun blog to just write about the things that always seem to pop into your head in the final days before you're leaving for your trip, no matter how prepared you really are. Some of these will just be part of the list, while some will have my thoughts, so lets see.

  1. Where is my passport?
    1. Ok, so this really is an honest though that I have. Before every flight into and out of the country I always seem to think I lost my passport, but guess what, its always right where I packed it, and its ready to go.
  2. Did I pack everything?
    1. This all goes back to why I plan ahead with packing, yet just like the passport, this thought always enters my head. I will probably unpack and repack four times to make sure I packed everything I need.
  3. Don't forget my charger?
    1. This would be a nightmare, but luckily I now have a phone charger just for travel, so the one I use the night before can be left at home. Which is good in case I forget my charger on the way home too.
  4. Where is my adapter?
    1. Well, this would be a big bummer. Get overseas, have my charger, have a low battery, and not be able to plug my phone/camera into the wall to charge? Yes, that would be my luck. So this is one of the items I pack where I can easily check for it.
  5. Oh crap, lost my wallet?
    1. Honestly, why do I always think I lost it? It is always right with my passport and the rest of my travel documents, but being myself, I always think I will forget it.
  6. Did I contact all my credit card companies?
    1. It can't hurt to check a few extra times can it?
  7. What if my cards get declined?
  8. What if its warmer/colder than it is supposed to be?
    1. I always try to check the weather before I leave, but theres always a chance you get the freak rainy week in the least rainy time of year (throwback to Costa Rica 2014)
  9. Should I pack more?
  10. Wheres my camera?
    1. In the camera bag, its one of the two bags you bring Joe.
  11. How am I getting to the airport?
    1. Thanks Mom or Dad :D
  12. What if I miss my flight?
  13. What if the weather grounds my flight?
    1. Well this would just be unfortunate, but it could happen since I tend to travel during the winter due to work.
  14. What if the pilot misses the flight?
    1. Now this would be a bummer, and I have actually seen this happen due to weather delays while flying out of Dallas.
  15. What if there is traffic?
    1. Its Boston, leave early and pray while driving into the city, although luckily international flights leave later so there usually isn't traffic going into the city.
  16. What if the TSA doesn't let me through?
  17. Why wouldn't they let me through?
    1. Am I the only one who thinks this?
  18. What if the airport is closed?
  19. Why would the airport be closed?
    1. Its Logan, I think they close for about an hour? And even then I think that is only the domestic terminals.
  20. Its an airport, they barely close.