How Do I Plan A Trip: My Guide

     Planning a trip abroad, or even domestically, can be a challenge. In this post we are going to focus on planning domestic trips, since for my overseas travel that I have planned, I have utilized EF College Break, because there is nothing like taking an overseas vacation, and not having to worry about the details from the start.

     The last trip I planned domestically was a trip from Lubbock, TX to Salt Lake City, Utah (landing destination). The trip was a long weekend in Utah with a friend I met in Costa Rica, with some amazing stops along the way. The whole trip came from saying how I would love to see Utah, and that we should be able to meet up somewhere sometime. Well, while browsing Kayak one night, the chance arose with a round trip airfare that was way to good to pass up. Putting a long weekend in Utah within reach, and some time exploring some of what turned out to be, the United States most beautiful National Parks.

    The hardest thing that I find when booking a trip and planning is flights. If you're able to be flexible on the dates and times that you're leaving or away, there are always some tricks out there to get a better deal, and get the lowest prices from airlines. I usually start off planning a trip by finding flights, and then basing everything else off of that. So using Utah as an example, I made sure to find a flight before I began looking at hotels or what activities we would be doing. Theres no point in planning out five days worth of stuff, if you find out you can only afford the flights that give you three days there.

     The next thing that I do is map out where the major places or activities that I want to do are. Once I figure out a basic idea, I try to find a central location to them all, if thats a city, town, or just and area within the city go with that. I would rather have an hour drive everyday, then a six hour drive one day and a half hour the next. It can ruin the experience, and cause some frustration when you're farther away then you thought from the best attraction, forcing you to wake up early, and leave the attraction even earlier to get back to your hotel. The other option of course is to book multiple hotels in different areas, and for some trips that is perfectly fine, while others, one central location and some driving won't ruin a thing.

     After the hotels and flights are ready, its time to plan the activities. Find out where everyone wants to go for sure, and lay them out, even see what might be able to be combined into the same day if time allows. Once the basic planning here is done, you will be able to decide what you need to get around. Will the local city subway work, or do you need to rent a car, or hire an Uber or limo for the day? Personally I would prefer the rental to a limo, since then you have it for the duration of the trip, which means you have more time to use it, and explore a little extra.

     I hope this helps get some basic planning done for your next trip, and if there is anything that I missed please let me know in the comments. Ill try to respond as soon as possible.