Traveling with GoPro's; My Favorite Accessories (Part 3)

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Now its time for the third post in this "series". How many will there be? Who knows, but I don't expect there to be another one after this for a little while, unless something really cool comes out or I want to review some more about the Karma Grip or Karma Drone for travel specifics. Last time we talked about batteries a little, as well as micro SD cards and thumbscrews. So this time I want to talk a little more about the dual chargers for the Hero 5 Black to start, and then talk about the GoPro suite of apps for your mobile devices.

Dual Chargers: Hero 5 Black


GoPro Suite of Apps

     The GoPro suite of apps is supposed to make sharing your content the easiest thing there has ever been about GoPro. The Capture App is a companion to your GoPro that lets you frame shots when you can't see the screen, control your GoPro, and download content from your GoPro to your phone. With all the awesome GoPro footage and photos that you will have, you're going to want to share them right away. GoPro introduced the Quik App to take the work out of making a video. Pick your clips, a theme, some music, and maybe a title, and you're on your way to a Instagram and Facebook worthy teaser for your next big video, or maybe just a way to share a little bit of your day with everyone. the Splice App lets you edit down some video clips so that you can post, share, send, or use them in the Quik App easier. These apps are seriously awesome for helping you get the best shots ever. The GoPro capture app also works on your Apple Watch, allowing you to highlight tag whenever something cool happens that you are taking a video of, that way it is easy to find in editing.

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