Traveling with GoPro's; My Favorite Accessories (Part 2)

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In part one of this "series" we covered the different storage options that I have used in the past, hand grips and poles, as well as the head strap and chesty mount. Continuing on with that original post, I want to give people even more accessories to think about for their next trip, so that they can be worry free and know they will have their GoPro ready to go whenever it is needed.

Mounting Accessories and Care

     So lets get this started with something that people don't really, I think, ever think actually think about with their GoPro's. The thumbscrew. When I first got my GoPro this little thing was a pain. It it horrible to tighten, and if you do get it very tight, you struggle to get it to loosen when you need to change angles. That can be a big pain in the butt, and I hate it. Luckily, when I ordered all of my grips and other gear from GoPole they have these super awesome thumbscrews called the Hi-Torque thumbscrews. They are designed to be super easy to tighten and loosen, and they really do work. You can get a little extra out of them, they are not real expensive and I think they are worth it, they do come with the GoPole mounts, so you might not even need to order any extras.
     The second product that I love, once again thanks to GoPole, is the Lenspen. this has a leans cleaning tip and a brush to make sure that your GoPro lease is clean. Its very handy at getting inside of the GoPro housings to clean the back of that lens if needed. If you are using your GoPro anywhere the lens might get dusty or covered in anything, this is worth the $10 investment. Its an even better investment if you are always touching the lens for no reason like I am.

Charging Accessories

     I won't be going too in depth for this yet, since I do have some more charging accessories for the Hero 5 Black that I am still waiting for, but will talk about some that I currently have for here already, and then some that I have had in the past. GoPro batteries are not like your iPhone battery, and they won't last eight hours like we all wished they would. So you're either going to be shooting for short time frames and then charging, or you're going to be swapping out batteries for a spare. Going off of the Hero 5 Black batteries, these are a great investment, even if you don't buy a dual charger. I fully understand why some people may not want the dual charger, with its $50 price tag (although it comes with a battery), or $40 with a GoPro plus account. $40 is almost the cost of three spare batteries if I am a GoPro Plus subscriber ($45, $15 each). So you may not want to invest the $40 for one spare. It makes sense for some people, but the spare battery is the best investment that I think you can make. You're going to want to shoot longer, and they are how you get there.
     For times when you don't need to have your camera be waterproof, and don't mind the possibility of filing ports with dust, you can opt for a GoPro power pack. The power pack is portable power, you can use it to charge your GoPro, even while the GoPro is on. You can power dual chargers off of it, and you can charge two devices. For some people this might fit the bill even better, especially if you do a lot of long time lapse shooting, and don't need to worry about the elements.

Micro SD Cards

     For this, I am not going to get into the specifics of the requirements that GoPro set for your micro SD card, but i do recommend checking if the SD card you are looking at is compatible with GoPro cameras. If you would like to read more about the SD Card Considerations, click here. It is really important that you find what works best for you. Some people may find it easier to use 32GB SD cards, while others may want a 128GB SD card so they need to bring less. It all depends on your style, what you're shooting, and what your settings will be while shooting. That being said, I always bring three SD cards per camera, and you never know if that will be enough. Personally I am going to be updating my main micro SD cards to 128GB versions, that way I have to change the card less, and can keep going with the quick change of a battery.

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