Gear Review: GoPro Seeker Backpack

    So lets make an official review for the GoPro Seeker. In my mind it is the perfect storage bag for your GoPro cameras, and all of the associated accessories for when you're traveling, or just going on an awesome trip locally. This bag is packed with features that will appeal to most avid GoPro users, especially if you have two or more GoPro cameras. With integrated mounting points and lots of "creature comforts" this backpack is made for the best adventures in my mind, and it is the most comfortable backpack I have used to carry all of my GoPro gear.
    One of the great things about this bag is the amount of storage that it offers for a 16L bag. The bag has a GoPro storage compartment, a large main compartment, a front pocket (shown in photo to the right), and a hydration bladder pocket. On the outside of the bag there is also two side pockets, one for a water bottle and one is able to hold a pole mount (photo above shows a GoPole Reach in the side pocket with included straps holding it in place for over the shoulder shots). In the photo above you can see some slits in the front of the backpack, two groups up top and two groups on the bottom that I have seen used with GoPro helmet straps to make another mounting point for your GoPro cameras.

    So I will start off talking about the GoPro storage compartment. This compartment is a soft padded compartment that can hold up to five GoPro cameras (Hero 5 Plus Black size). Personally in mine, I will be holding three Hero 5 Blacks, 6 Spare batteries, mounting clips/thumbscrews, a dual charger (two if I can get them to fit), and some memory cards in the other slots in the cover. Moving onto the main compartment there is a large, sorta clear, pocket that is great for holding cables, manuals, and other random items. Right below that there is a grey flap, sorry if that is hard to see, but it is an area that (in my bag) is holding a a GoPole Grenade Grip, Bobber Grip, and GoPole tripod and there is still room in that pocket. Even utilizing these two pockets fully I am still able to throw two suction up mounts, a chesty, the Seeker Integrated Chesty, and a head strap right into the main pouch. That may sound like a lot of gear for a small backpack, but it holds it all really well and is able to stay organized really easy, which is a major plus. Obviously my major tip is to take out anything you won't need on your trip, because there is no reason to carry around a ton of extra stuff you won't be needing. (Photo of the main pouch below to the left)

     So now we can talk about the integrated mounting systems. (Reference photo above and to the right) There is a shoulder strap mount that is great for taking videos, or just to keep your GoPro safely within reach when you think you might need it fast to capture something, plus its less likely to fall out of that mount then your hand in a crowd. Then there is the pole mounting location (will be above your left shoulder) that utilizes a pocket and straps on the side of the bag to hold your pole mount in place (made for the 3 Way, although I am using a GoPole Reach in the photos). This gives you two more options for easily recording some awesome photos and videos while traveling or going on an adventure. The third integrated mount is a special chesty mount that uses the blue tabs on the shoulder straps and the blue loops on the sides (near bottom) of the backpack to secure a specially made chesty mount that is easy to install, comfortable, and easy to take off to replace having to wear a regular chesty mount under the backpack.

     Obviously the backpack also has a host of other features that I am probably forgetting about, and hell there might be a secret pocket I haven't found yet. Which brings me to the last two pockets that I have found. I bought this backpack for a trip I am taking in late December of this year to Europe, knowing I wanted something comfortable for the 16 day trip to carry my GoPro gear in. I originally planned on using the small front pocket to store my travel documents as well as some extra cash, ID, and such. Then I realized the beauty of the one pocket I had forgotten about, since I never planned on using it while on this trip. The hydration bladder area. This pouch was forgotten like Harry Potter. Thrown under the stairs in my mind and forgotten until some weird crap happened and a guy named Hagrid came knocking on my door. The secret pouch. The pouch that cannot be opened if the backpack is on my body because the zipper runs under the shoulder straps. This bag has the perfect, non planned, security feature for all travelers. A perfect spot to store your passport, wallet, money, phone, and any other valuables you want to keep safe all in one spot where they can't be accessed by someone walking behind you. So check out the backpack, and you might really like it just as much as I do. The bag is more than comfortable and it isn't big or bulky, and I honestly forget that it is there a lot of the time when I am just wearing it to test it out.

     All in all I give this bag a big five star review and I would suggest it to everyone and anyone looking to travel with their GoPro cameras and accessories.