Drone Life: GoPro Karma

     I wasn't sure where to take this post. Especially considering how I am trying to continually update the GoPro Karma Review post so that people will be able to find everything in one place. So for this post I wanted to really focus on two of the photos I took while flying Karma, and maybe talk a little about how the perspective can be so different from 400ft then from the ground.

This first image captures an area I vividly remember from growing up, and even in recent years, but not to this extent. The image shows an area of the beach (Long Beach Road, Centerville, Massachusetts) where a "boardwalk" goes out to the beach in two spots and back (up in the photo) towards the river. The area in this photo is the area that I remember the most. Maybe it was because those areas are where we would play football, catch, or just hang out as family or with cousins and friends because it was a little farther away, and not as crowded as the rest of the beach. We never ventured far off the frame of this photo, but if we did it always seemed to be on the walk back (which would mean walking out the right side of the photo) to the main beach where our parents would be waiting.

     This next photo really captures the other perspective for me. The drone is in the same spot as the first photo, rotated 90 degrees (which would be looking out the left side of the first photo) and with the camera looking down the beach. It captures a lot of the area that was left unexplored in my childhood, that I might have never seen if it wasn't for the drone. It shows just how far down the beach actually goes before it ends, and the water from the river and the ocean meet. I can remember bringing the boat in through the river, but it never felt like it was so far down, and yet in the photo it doesn't look so far. From 400 feet your perspective on the world can change.

     Although this post for my Drone Life series doesn't really have anything to do with the GoPro Karma drone up until this point, it does all at the same time. What people might not know is that if it wasn't for Karma, I might never have captured either of these photos. My previous drone was a 3DR Solo, which was bigger (in general) than my Karma. Which folds, and is a much smaller package to transport. That is the only reason that I had Karma on me on the day that I took these photos. In the months that I owned Solo, I had visited this beach countless times, but never wanted to drag along a bulky drone, yet here I was with about three days under my belt, bringing my brand new drone to this spot, because it was easy to carry.

     In closing I only have one thing to say, its not about what drone you have, what you think is better, or how much they cost. It is about what works for you, and what fits your lifestyle. Capture the world, and share it with anyone you can.


Notice: The GoPro Karma has been recalled. Please refer to the GoPro Karma Recall Page for more information on this. You will also be able to sign up for updates on when Karma will be available again.