Passing the time: Flying

If you're like me, and I am beginning to see that more people are, it can be very hard to fall asleep on a plane, or even in a car. Regardless of the reason, there are always tricks to pass the time that everyone has that seem to work for them. So if the sleeping pill isn't working for me, this is how I pass the time on those flights that everyone else is asleep on.

1. Watch TV/Movies
     While some planes, depending on the length of your flight, have TV's for you to watch, there isn't always the best selection of movies, or maybe there are other TV series or even some movies that you really want to see. Load them onto your phone (not the best, due to size), iPad (better), or laptop (best) so that you can watch whatever you would like. If I am flying across the Atlantic, I try to take 6 movies with me, so that I can have three for each flight. That seems to work, and if the movie is good, the flight will fly by like nothing. 

2. Work
     Some people are unfortunate enough to lead super busy work lives that often require them to take work home with them. While I wouldn't suggest doing this option on the way to your vacation, I guess it wouldn't hurt on the way home. Depending on what you have with you, laptop would probably be a great option for this, you can probably get some work done on your flight. With in flight Wi-Fi, you can even access your documents in the cloud if you need too.

3. Blog!
     Okay, so this option probably doesn't fit for most people that will ever see this, or that are flying, but the time you spend on a flight can be a great time to blog, about anything, although you may not be able to post them right away, you can always do that when you get home. So get ahead on your blogs about your trip, tips, gear, or life while you're flying high in the sky. For me this came in handy while writing some guest blogs for Eagles Nest Outfitters, I was able to write about five blogs that I later submitted for publishing while on a flight from Italy to Boston.

4. Listen to music.
    So this one is super generic, and I really don't think I will have to explain how this works, so load up some great tunes, and bring your headphones. Just don't make the plane your personal karaoke bar.

5. Edit Photos or Videos.
     Capture some great content for your website while traveling? Want to put a great family vacation video together? Depending on how well you are equipped for a flight, you may have time to get some editing done. Its a great way to pass time, and you might complete your project. Then when you hit the ground you can head right off too sleep, and then share your stories with everyone later.

So this was a super simple post, and its mostly just some filler content for the blog, but its things that I either do, if equipped, or think are awesome ways to pass the time while flying, and a few have come in very handy on those transatlantic flights that I have been on, and have upcoming. If you have any tips for passing the time on a long flight, share your comments below!