GoPro Hero 5 Black: The Ultimate Travel Camera?

Over the years, the travel camera has progressed wildly. I remember my first trip to Disney when I was about 7, and we all got to get our own little Kodak camera with film in it, and when you took a photo you had to spin a dial to take the next one, and then you disposed of the camera once the film was developed. After that, digital cameras entered the market at an affordable price for consumers, and we were soon able to see the shot before and after we took it, and then delete what we didn't want from wildly expensive memory cards. As the cameras got smaller so did the cards until we got to the SD card and then the micro SD card. All of which are now affordable, with 64GB micro SD cards at around $50 and point and shoot cameras starting as low as $100. Just about anywhere you go you will find someone with a camera, because now we have them built into our phones, and the cameras in our phones rival, or are better than that $100 point and shoot camera.

While using your phone is a great option for many people, there are a lot of risks with using your camera, and the cost could be tremendous if you lose it or break it. (Example; an Apple iPhone 7 starts a little over $550, not something you might want to be replacing if it drops to the ground and breaks) That is why there has been a tremendous increase in the number of "action cameras" that have entered the market. These cameras are durable, waterproof, shock proof, and have a wide range of accessories for just about any activity that someone could ever want to use them for. So are these really the ultimate travel cameras? Because I think the GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition truly is, so let me tell you why.

The GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition features a 2 inch touch screen on the back of the camera where you can frame your shot, and change just about every setting imaginable. Making it even easier to control is the voice control feature, that is also available on a remote that GoPro makes (sold separately) meaning the GoPro doesn't have to be in your hand. Giving you time to get in the shot.

This camera comes waterproof. GoPro's are extremely durable, and the GoPro Hero 5 Black comes waterproof, and only needs a "frame" mount if you aren't going deeper than 10m in water. For anything deeper than that, they sell a SuperSuit for $50 giving you the protection needed for deep water.

One button does it all. If you are about to miss a moment, you can use the button on the top of the GoPro to turn it on and instantly start recording or taking photos (depending on what you have it set to do). Meaning those moments you almost miss, will almost always be captured with GoPro.

GoPro's are small. This means that they take up less room, and they easily fit in your pocket when you are going around town or around the world. If you need to review photos, or edit videos you can even use the GoPro suite of apps (available for phones, and computers) to download and edit everything on the go. You can change settings, see what your GoPro sees, all thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth in your GoPro Hero 5 Black! The GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition even has GPS to location tag all of your photos and videos around the world!

Options, options, options. GoPro gives you them. Mounting options to be specific. Whether you buy GoPro official accessories or from a 3rd party (I recommend GoPole accessories for most handle and grip needs) there are so many different ways to mount your GoPro. From sticky mounts, to helmet mounts, suction sups, gun mounts, roll bar mounts, chomps, poles, and more, there are endless ways to mount GoPro's and even more possibilities if you use your imagination.

GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition is clearly the Ultimate Travel Camera, and its proven track record for serving abuse stands out among all action cameras on the market. With more innovating products (Karma for instance) coming out from GoPro, these cameras are sure to fit your needs while traveling, and survive the long journey with you. So get out there, and start shooting.