February 5: Being Accountable

Being Accountable

Honestly, this is going to be a tough pill to swallow. I told myself I would be better this time, I would post on here daily. I would follow my plans, I wouldn’t cheat so much, and I would do better. The biggest thing about that, is holding myself accountable for the mistakes I make along the way, and realizing that I need to make changes, sometimes being so rigid in your plans isn’t the best way to handle things. In the end I realize that none of us are perfect, and making plans that expect perfection probably isn’t the best way to do things. It leaves you vulnerable to the mistakes you make, and instead of adjusting the little things before they become big mistakes, you end up making a big mistake, and that can set you back further than a few little mistakes ever would.

I got to spend an awesome hour today with Paula Ciarniello and some other Legionnaires talking about nutrition, meal timing, and alcohol. It made me realize that I had left gaps that instead of seeing a simple answer, I saw a mountain of a problem. Instead of adjusting for alcohol (even as someone who rarely drinks) when I might want to have it with a cheat meal, I would just reject the notion, and grab a soda instead. In the long run that whiskey would have been a better option than the three sodas I ended up drinking

The morale of the story for me is that not holding myself accountable, is my biggest weakness. I can meal prep, I can make foods I want and love and enjoy. The one thing I don’t do, is hold myself accountable for the things I dont do. I forget to meal prep, I miss a day at the gym (before the #30forthekids), I eat crap food, I grab a soda. I used to just block those out and continue on. Maybe that isnt bad, but at the same time, it sets me back. Sure the 100 calorie soda isnt the worst, its the mistakes that come after that because you shrug that off, and then the net one, and then the crap snack when you’re in a rush. They may not happen all in the same day, but over the course of a week, 100 can become 200, and that can become 500, and that can become 1000. Pretty soon, you’re not losing the weight you expect, and its all because you aren’t holding yourself accountable when you cave to a small craving that leads to bigger ones.

The Changes

I now plan on tracking all of my meals, drinks, etc. everything in MyFitnessPal in order to keep track. Paula said it best, what gets measured improves. So now its my time to put the words into action. and this post will become a way for me to hold myself accountable in the end. It’s out there for the world to see, and that’s it.

Over the next few days, I plan on posting more on my diet, my workout plans, my cardio, etc. in order to share it with anyone who might be interested, and to help anyone who might need it along the way.

Thats all for today.