February 28: Weight Vest or Death Vest?

Just a quick blog post today to try and get myself back in a rhythm, even if it only means posting one time per week for now. Over the last week to week and a half I have honestly struggled getting to the gym. I wouldn’t call it a lack of motivation, but more just a general feeling of being sick that has kept me from my schedule for the gym. I have luckily been at least doing my #30forthekids workouts at home if needed, so that has kept me somewhat consistent, and even those 10-15 minutes is better than nothing.

The other major plus throughout this time, is that although I havem’t stuck fully to my meal plan, I have stayed relatively within my limits and have been eating healthier than I thought I would have with the lack of going to the gym. I’ve also been increasing my water intake again to a little more than a gallon as that seems to be where my body operates the best. From past experience, about 1.5 gallons is the key for me.

I took Tuesday off from the gym other than the #30forthekids workout as I was busy with other tasks throughout the day. Yesterday I did the air squat, pushups, and situps after a day of snowboarding with my father and uncles (some of the best snowboarding all day even though the mountain had a wind hold on the upper lifts) and then today I decided to throw on my new plate carrier for about an additional 20lbs of weight to bog me down while doing the 3 mile run for #30forthekids. Sure it doesnt sound like much at work, but it took me 45 minutes and a lot more walking than normal. Partly because of the vest, probably because I suck at running on treadmills, but that is something that I need to work on anyways.

With spring right around the corner, my civil service exam to enter the police force, and a trip to the DR in April, not to mention my 25th birthday next week (holy shit), I have a ton of motivating factors this year to hit the goals I am setting for myself. Like others I follow on Instagram and Facebook, I want to be the best cop I can be if I become one. Following the examples set by so many that I follow, both current LEO, and future LEO. By the time I turn 26, I want to look back and know that I changed my life for the better, that my health has improved, and that I am taking control of my diet, my weight, and my life like never before.

So here are the goals:

  • Weight: 185

  • BF: 10-13%

  • Deadlift: 500+

  • Squat: 400+

  • Bench: 300+

Ambitious goals? Sure. But Andy Frisella always said to set goals that seem unobtainable. And then crush them.