February 21: Bad Day For The Gym

Lets be honest real quick, we all know that I am bad at doing these blogs daily. I am though going to keep trying to do them more frequently, and update them so that people can follow along with my journey.

An Update

That being said, I have not weighed myself, or taken a progress picture in a few weeks, not since Day 1 of my Transformation this time. I will however be taking a progress photo in the coming week as a little over the halfway mark (I believe halfway was this week.) Part of this is my mental state. Id rather see what I can do without the numbers, because the numbers are where I begin to overthink things, and I make them more complicated than they have to be. So how do we stop that? We stop the numbers.

Now, I am never going to lie and say that I have been doing amazing on my diet, that wouldn’t be true. Ive cheated on it more times than I would have liked too by far. There are days that I dont track anything, and there are days I fall back off the horse. Luckily though, this journey through these 8 weeks has proven that I can get back up on the horse, and follow the path I have laid out for myself again very quickly. That in itself has been a tremendous mental win for myself through this journey, and wasn't a goal I expected to hit this early in 2019.

A Day Of Sadness

Today was one of those days that I woke up fucking pumped for the gym. I was ready. I was like Patrick Starr and Spongebob yelling Im Ready over and over again. Until I got to my car, and the driveway (A HILL) was so icy, that I couldn’t get out of the driveway. Now, I normally never park on this driveway, but had to move my car from the side driveway to make room for other people. It took me two hours to get out of the house this morning, and instead of spending my morning crushing weights, I spent it slipping, sliding, and avoiding death on an icy driveway. Then went straight to work. So, while my gym day was ruined, I did do my 100 burpees for the #30forthekids challenge before I sat down to do this.

Lets see what tomorrow brings. (Hows that for an abrupt ending?)