Day 9: November 6

Its Election Day! Did you vote? I did! But that isn’t the most exciting news of the day for me. The most exciting news was hoping on the scale about a week into the 1st Phorm Fall Sprint Transphormation Challenge and seeing that in the first week, I was down from 225 to 222 pounds. Now, that is something that will make me more and more motivated as the weeks go by, and the best part was being able to reflect and see that this part week was only 90% effort. I screwed up, I slacked on a few workouts, BUT I was able to work hard and get from 225 to 222 in 7 days. Thats exciting, no matter who you are, unless you’re trying to gain weight. So lets hop into my morning workout…

Morning Workout

Okay, so back and bicep day is one of my favorite days at the gym… actually, I like most days at the gym. I started off my workout with some cable rows, a few pulldown variations, and then an iso row, by the time I got to actually working on just biceps, I was curling and thought my arms were going to explode, but there isn’t anything wrong with working hard enough to break your arms.


Today is a normal diet plan for me, nothing special. Just my normal chicken, rice, veggies, burger, and my Level 1 and Phormula 1/Ignition to fuel my workouts. Although I would LOVE to be able to have some of the clam chowder that is currently cooking, I really don’t think I should, my problem, and luckily I realize it, is that I wont just stop at one serving, I could probably eat the entire crockpot of it!