Day 8: November 5

Today was a huge day for me. Not only did I stick perfectly to my diet, morning workout, and my evening run, I absolutely obliterated my evening run. So we will get to that a little bit later into this blog, but it was an amazing day. I started off my day like normal, and then at work we had to begin putting up some Christmas lights, only because we need to cut them to length so that they fit where they will be going. Gotta love new LEDs. So lets get into my fitness stuff for the day.

Morning Workout:

Today was chest and triceps day. Nothing really different to report, but I continued to push myself with some heavy weight because while I do want to try and lose fat, I’d also like to preserve and build any muscle that I can throughout my journey.


My diet for the day was the same as normal; chicken, rice and veggies for two of my meals, with a burger and veggies in the evening. To supplement when I can’t get a full whole meal in, I have a Level 1 shake, the mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich one is a lifesaver and CRUSHES all cravings. Post workout in the morning, I stick with the Juicy Watermelon Phormula-1 and Ignition to properly fuel my body post workout. Its the most important meal of the day, and its breakfast for me too, so it really is the most important.

Evening Run

Evening runs for me are meant to be a half hour, maybe 40 minutes at the most. It all depends on how long the MFCEO podcast episodes that I am listening to are, but I usually stick to that time frame, and I usually make it more leisurely, aiming for about 3.5 miles in 30 minutes, and going up from there. Today was different though. I was listening to the podcast and zoned out, by the time I looked down I was 35 minutes in and 3.5+ miles in, probably closer to four at that point. It was then that I decided that I would put the next episode on, and continue on for the next 10 minutes, well…. that ended up lasting until I had been running for 60 minutes and 7.54 miles. According to my watch, thats 880 calories burned. That was an exciting time for me, because I am NOT a runner at all.