Day 7: November 4

So its official, one week into the 8 week Fall Sprint Transphormation Challenge. Have there been results? Yep! I am officially down three pounds, and 1/2” around my midsection. Although that could be due to a variety of factors, so we will see where I am at next week, and then the week after. So far into this week I am feeling great, and actually really enjoying working out again, and being motivated to do so. I wake up everyday at 3:45am, and I get out of bed like I haven’t before. Work has been better, I’ve been happier, I’ve been more energetic, and I have been more dedicated than I ever have before to this regime I set forth for myself. Now that that is out of the way, lets talk about how today is going.


Today is leg day so we all know how that goes, although I kept the number of workouts I did relatively short, but upped the weight today, so I am interested to see how the next few days feel for my legs. I even started off my workout with a good mile+ for ten minutes before running, mostly because I had to weight for a squat rack to actually open up.


Today is my cheat meal day. For my cheat meal, Ill be grabbing a burrito bowl from chipotle, and splitting it for two meals. What am I getting? Bowl, Brown, Black, 2x Chicken, Veggies, Hot, Cheese, Lettuce. No guac, sorry guac fans. No chips, and Ill grab some water. My final meal of the day though will be a burger to keep me on track for my goals, for protein of course.