Day 6: November 3

Its Saturday, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be at the gym. Today is back and biceps day, so I’m ready to crush it, right after I work a quick (short) shift this morning to make sure everything is all set for the incoming rain this afternoon. Lets jump into nutrition for today;


Todays nutrition was pretty much the same as normal for me. Chicken, rice, veggies, my daily stack, but I forgot to cook a burger, so I had some popcorn and a protein shake instead to keep hitting my daily protein goal.


I know I normally post the exercises I did along with the number of sets, but today I just want to talk about the workout itself. Honestly, I really wasn’t feeling like I wanted to workout. But then there was a voice in my head… or maybe my computer and my phone, that spoke to me. I could hear the words from the video on the right, and man did that help.

I ended up going to the gym and crushing a workout for an hour, usually I only need a half hour to forty-five minutes in order to complete a workout. But between slowing down my reps, doing more reps, and even adding more exercises as I went, I pushed through this hour workout and killed it. So get out there and crush your workout.