Day 3: October 31

Today ended up being a rest day on the schedule I made, which was actually an accident, but overall was a blessing for the day. Hell, I even got to the gym this morning before I realized it, so I did run a little bit, but that was it. So this blog wont have a workout portion, and will be overall a shorter blog.


So this was my big day, the first day I was going to have to fully meal prep for, and I almost forgot. 8pm rolls around last night and it hits me, I forgot. So I fired up the grill, and todays meals were all burgers, as are tomorrows because the chicken wasn’t thawed. so Friday through Monday I am punishing myself with only chicken meals. My bad. But I did stick to the diet plan I setup, and had my Opti-Greens 50 this morning as well, overall feeling great though, and just a guesstimate from the scale tonight, I could be down about 3 to 4 pounds already. At this pace if it wasn’t the first week, I might be concerned, but I’ll take about that below.

How I Feel

So like I said earlier, today was a rest day with a little bit of running. Probably a good thing because my sore legs the last two days would not have been a fun one while 25’ up on a roof today. I guess things do workout for the better sometimes even when they don’t go to plan. Onto the weight loss though, if I really am down 3 to 4 pounds, then I am super excited. In the past when I switched up my crap diet and actually ate healthy, I have been able to lose between 5 to 10 pounds each week in the first three weeks usually, and then my weight loss tends to slow to a normal rate of around 2 pounds per week. Seeing this does have me excited though, and is a great motivator to push me harder.

Some of the things that I think are playing a bigger role in this challenge then I expected are actually using supplements to fill in the gaps in my diet. I don’t eat fish often (most of the year), which is weird since I can literally see the ocean from where I am sitting right now. I also never eat enough fruits and veggies, and even when I do, I lack a variety to get the micronutrients that my body needs, and even my diet diet isn’t very varied in what I eat. I keep it simple, it keeps me on track. So for the challenge I am taking Opti-Greens 50, Full-Mega, and Micro-Factor, all of which are products of 1st Phorm, and all of them have been awesome supplements so far. Honestly if I crush my goals, I really think that these three products might have been the key. So lets see where this takes us.