Day 2: October 30

Once again, today was an awesome day. (You know, I’m starting to like this?) I woke up, weighed in, and found out I was 224 pounds on the scale. Until I see it for a few days and confirm at the gym, who’s scale is more accurate, Im not holding my breath… yet. I will say though, that even seeing that was a welcome sight, and put some extra pep in my step on the way to the gym at 5am. Hell, if it keeps going I am going to be one happy guy no matter what happens at the end of the challenge. Honestly, even though its only day 2 (technically) the challenge has changed my mindset about the gym, I am up early, ready to go, and out the door so much faster then I used to be. So now onto the details…

Morning Workout

This mornings workout was a back and biceps day, so leg day tomorrow! Overall I felt it was a good workout, even though I probably could have done some more, but due to timing and needing to be able to lift my arms tomorrow, I headed out of the gym. There is always Friday. So the details of my workout are below:

  • Seated Cable Rows - 3 Sets

  • Elevated Cable Rows - 3 Sets

  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown - 5 Sets

  • Alternate Hammer Curl - 5 Sets

  • One-Arm Dumbbell Row - 4 Sets

  • Close Grip EZ-Bar Curl - 5 Sets


For my nutrition, everything went pretty well. By the time I got home from work, a little before three, I had already had over a gallon of water/green tea. Honestly not surprising, but I am surprised that I have been pretty accurate while keeping track, usually I fall off that wagon rather quick, maybe its the stupid award notifications that keep me going, but who knows. I stuck with my burger, chicken and pasta again today, but threw some tuna on my slice of bread I needed to hit my carb goal. sue me.

Evening Run

I stuck with my normal evening run today. I did a little over 30 minutes on the elliptical, just fighting through the last of my soreness from leg day. Honestly though, I am feeling good, and since I started listening to the MFCEO podcast on my runs, I have been having much better luck actually sticking to doing a minimum of 30 minutes, even if that means I only do 31. To me that is a win, because I am a person that absolutely hated running in high school, and I never ran in college. Hell, the only reason I ran in high school was because our track coach made the throwers run, in hindsight it made us so much better overall.

Other Awesome News

All of my 1st Phorm supplements came in today, so today was the day I finally tried the Optic-Greens 50, and honestly, thats a good greens supplement just based on the taste. I read so many reviews on all greens supplements of people complaining about the taste, but to me, it was a green tea with some berries kinda flavor, and I liked it, considering I drink almost a half gallon of green tea a day, I’m not surprised. I also tried the Micro-Factor and Full-Mega after my run, and had tried the BCAA’s before my run when I got home from work. I know there are benefits for BCAA usage, but for me, honestly, I just need the taste because it helps CRUSH my fucking cravings, and the green apple one taste just like a jolly rancher, so I was in heaven. So I will have my reviews up on those in the coming weeks, along with other products.